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I earned my Project Management Certification from the Project Management Institute in 2017. Since then I've been utilizing the knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques of project management in my roles as campus and district leader. As a campus principal project management has made me more efficient and effective, which allows me to put my energy back into the classrooms where it belongs.


As a district leader, project management increased our success rate from 40% to more than 85% of our projects being completed and delivered on time and under budget. I am passionate about project management in education because we owe it to our students and our communities to to deliver nothing less than an excellent education experience

I'm a certified project manager who has worked in multiple school districts as a classroom teacher, digital learning facilitator, and in professional learning. I serve on the Board of Directors for Learning Forward Texas, and I have presented at conferences across the country.


I believe that project management is the missing piece we've been looking for in public education. We know what we need to do to serve our students, but we've never been trained on how to do it.


The beauty of our system is in its simplicity. Strategic plans lead to projects, and projects lead to results.

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